“Photographie de la nature – eaux vives” Day One – Kitesurf at Punta Umbria

Christian Rouchouse m’a nomme pour participe au challenge “Photographie de la nature”, “eaux vives” pour les prochaines sept jours, et nommer à chaque publication une personne de son choix.
My friend Christian Rouchouse nominated me to post photos of nature for the next seven days, and to nominated one person everyday.

Premiere jour/Day one:

kitesurf at Punta Umbria, Huelva
kitesurf at Punta Umbria, Huelva

Wedding Sample 08 – Kate-Phil

Wedding Sample 07 – Staci-Olivier

Wedding Sample 06 – Amanda-Garen

Wedding Sample 03 – Ariana-David

Wedding Sample 02 – Parodi-Hulm

Portrait session – the output ;-)

You already saw the preparation on the previous post , now you can see few samples of the output. My dear Carlos David also posed for few headshots…