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“Photographie de la nature – eaux vives” Day Six – The Fence

Christian Rouchouse m’a nomme pour participe au challenge “Photographie de la nature”, “eaux vives” pour les prochaines sept jours, et nommer à chaque publication une personne de son choix.
My friend Christian Rouchouse nominated me to post photos of nature for the next seven days, and to nominated one person everyday.

Sixieme jour/Day Six:

The Fence

Yet Another Sunset

I earn my life printing fine art metal prints at a photo lab here in Brooklyn, NY. Before this, I did color correction for prints (paper) and photo-books, where the subject matter was mostly family events, from holidays to weddings and so.
But, with “fine art”, more than 50% of the photos were taken during the “golden hours” (at sunrise or at dusk) and most of then are, of course, the sunset itself.
If we print an average 2000+ prints a week, I see 200 different sunsets a day. At this point, as you might understand, they all look the same.
I took this photo last Saturday in Block Island, RI, while we were waiting for our table at The Oar -the other Restaurants had a waiting list of hour and a half. I just grabbed my phone, took the snapshot, opened the jpg file on Photoshop Express, Sid a little adjustment and: voila encore un couché de soleil…
Why, if I’m tired of seen sunsets, did I took the photo? It was definitely an easy shot, My Instagram’s hits are mostly Sunsets (yeah, after almost 30 years doing photography) and I had nothing else to do.
Now Ana Claudia wants that photo printed on canvas! A big canvas, of course…

Da moon

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