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Yet Another Sunset

I earn my life printing fine art metal prints at a photo lab here in Brooklyn, NY. Before this, I did color correction for prints (paper) and photo-books, where the subject matter was mostly family events, from holidays to weddings and so.
But, with “fine art”, more than 50% of the photos were taken during the “golden hours” (at sunrise or at dusk) and most of then are, of course, the sunset itself.
If we print an average 2000+ prints a week, I see 200 different sunsets a day. At this point, as you might understand, they all look the same.
I took this photo last Saturday in Block Island, RI, while we were waiting for our table at The Oar -the other Restaurants had a waiting list of hour and a half. I just grabbed my phone, took the snapshot, opened the jpg file on Photoshop Express, Sid a little adjustment and: voila encore un couché de soleil…
Why, if I’m tired of seen sunsets, did I took the photo? It was definitely an easy shot, My Instagram’s hits are mostly Sunsets (yeah, after almost 30 years doing photography) and I had nothing else to do.
Now Ana Claudia wants that photo printed on canvas! A big canvas, of course…

Da moon

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