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Test shot with Handevision Iberit 35mm f2.4 on Sony A7R

I got both lenses (that I had pre-ordered long time ago) The 35mm (KAL3524LCMB ) works great on my film and digital (Sony E mount with adapter) but the 24mm (KAL2424LCMB) doesn’t perfect fit on my Film body (It does fit on the Kipon adapter) and the lens risk to fall off the camera.

I took the lens back to the store, and tried another copy that they had there, with the same results. I asked to try the lens with modern Leica M-mount bodies (mine is a 70’s Leitz body) but they were none available.
When the first batch of 35mm arrived to the store, I tried one and had the same issue with the mount on the film camera -I remember reporting this to Adorama and to Xiaoming Zhang  (“The first batch of IBERIT lenses had some issues when attached to Leica M film cameras. The issue is now fixed:” REF:
From Xiaoming I received the answer that the first batch of lenses only works with digital M body, but not with film body. Now the new lens fits both, digital as well as film.
Not been a Leica fanboy myself, I’m looking at this lenses with no bias, and I found the 35mm performing really good on film and Digital. I think this Iberit lenses will become a hot item but only if the mechanic quality is as good as the optical performance -the little time I played with the 24mm shown good sharpness and clean corners (not like most Zeiss or Leica wide angle lenses, that shows a strong magenta cast).

FYI, I kept the lens. I love it on film and digital, specially because it took me back to shooting film. Next will be the Iberit 24mm f2.4 when the next batch arrive to Adorama.