Test shot with Handevision Iberit 35mm f2.4 on Sony A7R

I got both lenses (that I had pre-ordered long time ago) The 35mm (KAL3524LCMB ) works great on my film and digital (Sony E mount with adapter) but the 24mm (KAL2424LCMB) doesn’t perfect fit on my Film body (It does fit on the Kipon adapter) and the lens risk to fall off the camera.

I took the lens back to the store, and tried another copy that they had there, with the same results. I asked to try the lens with modern Leica M-mount bodies (mine is a 70’s Leitz body) but they were none available.
When the first batch of 35mm arrived to the store, I tried one and had the same issue with the mount on the film camera -I remember reporting this to Adorama and to Xiaoming Zhang  (“The first batch of IBERIT lenses had some issues when attached to Leica M film cameras. The issue is now fixed:” REF: https://leicarumors.com/2017/03/19/quick-hands-on-review-of-the-handevision-iberit-lenses-on-a-leica-m10-camera.aspx/).
From Xiaoming I received the answer that the first batch of lenses only works with digital M body, but not with film body. Now the new lens fits both, digital as well as film.
Not been a Leica fanboy myself, I’m looking at this lenses with no bias, and I found the 35mm performing really good on film and Digital. I think this Iberit lenses will become a hot item but only if the mechanic quality is as good as the optical performance -the little time I played with the 24mm shown good sharpness and clean corners (not like most Zeiss or Leica wide angle lenses, that shows a strong magenta cast).

FYI, I kept the lens. I love it on film and digital, specially because it took me back to shooting film. Next will be the Iberit 24mm f2.4 when the next batch arrive to Adorama.

Yet Another Sunset

I earn my life printing fine art metal prints at a photo lab here in Brooklyn, NY. Before this, I did color correction for prints (paper) and photo-books, where the subject matter was mostly family events, from holidays to weddings and so.
But, with “fine art”, more than 50% of the photos were taken during the “golden hours” (at sunrise or at dusk) and most of then are, of course, the sunset itself.
If we print an average 2000+ prints a week, I see 200 different sunsets a day. At this point, as you might understand, they all look the same.
I took this photo last Saturday in Block Island, RI, while we were waiting for our table at The Oar -the other Restaurants had a waiting list of hour and a half. I just grabbed my phone, took the snapshot, opened the jpg file on Photoshop Express, Sid a little adjustment and: voila encore un couché de soleil…
Why, if I’m tired of seen sunsets, did I took the photo? It was definitely an easy shot, My Instagram’s hits are mostly Sunsets (yeah, after almost 30 years doing photography) and I had nothing else to do.
Now Ana Claudia wants that photo printed on canvas! A big canvas, of course…

Da moon

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